Beach Walks

Stroll along our beaches and tidepools to see an abundance of tidal creatures.

Remote beaches of Uganik Bay consist of black shale rocks and sand, sprinkled with clam shells, driftwood, dried starfish, moon snails and more; banked against fields and hillsides covered with alders, willows, cottonwoods and salmonberry bushes.

The beaches and tidal pools, coupled with drastic 22' tides expose colorful groupings of marine life. A full mile of beach is accessible directly from the lodge with dramatic beds of clams and blue mussels exposed - your course in marine biology has just begun. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach, flipping over rocks and peering into tidal pools, discovering a hands on ecosystem that can exist out of water for hours at a time.

Colorful assortments of starfish conglomerate for beautiful photography opportunities - sun stars of incredible orange, red and purple hues - crabs of various sorts, blennys, sea worms, sea urchins, sea cucumbers ... ever seen a lion sea slug? Just ask us about the octopus dens. 

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